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Pre-determining Sexual Orientation: A Hypothetical

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Tonight’s topic comes via suggestion from a good friend of mine. He actually sent me two topic ideas, and at first I was going to write about the other one, but on further thought, I realized that this one is actually the easier of the two for me to write definitively about. I do want to include a little disclaimer here: my friend is a very open-minded and accepting person who has been nothing but supportive of me in my journey. The non-inclusive wording of his question is simply due to his typing it on a phone, and the typing/character limitations that come with that. He assured me that he meant it in more inclusive terms, so I will expound upon his question to include all possibilities.

So here is his question:

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Singer-Songwriter Ray Isaac - "Who I Am"

If you’ve been to London Pride, some of the after parties, or if you’re just a general gay-party-goer, the chances are you’ve probably been in the presence of Ray Isaac, singer, songwriter and DJ. But after seeing Ray do all of these things in one concert and seen the crowd go wild, I've come to the conclusion that Ray is so much more, he’s a performer.

Recently promoted as a VEVO artist on YouTube, having been invited to mix with Laurent Wolf late last year, and with concerts coming up all the time, Ray is going from strength to strength and is certainly, without a doubt, an artist to look out for in the near future, not just in London but around the world.

Ray stands by his belief that no matter what, we have to be proud of who we are and know that happiness only manifests itself when we truly love and accept who we are from deep within, and this is why I've taken my chance to share his story with you so you can discover his upcoming album and new music video for “Who I Am” (see below).

Everyone, Stop Boycotting Mozilla!

I don't know how many times I've read of people
who've uninstalled this
STOP! Argh!

Sorry. I've just been really annoyed about this whole Mozilla CEO situation recently. Ever since Brendan Eich was chosen as CEO there's been this giant sh*tstorm around Mozilla for (in my opinion) nothing.

I'm gay, I'm as activist as they come, I founded this LGBT blog, and I'm STILL using Firefox. This site was even built using Firefox! "Shock!" "Horror!" No. I've been trying to avoid writing this post for over a week now, but earlier on today I found that now the anti-gay camp is boycotting Mozilla because they fired Eich from his position.

I'm really not amused by any of this. I've used Firefox from day one. Why? Because I don't want to feed all of my browsing history to data-hungry Google. Gmail scans your emails to give you "personalized" adverts (as if you care). And I don't support that.

Proudly Presenting: Freedom Requires Wings Video

The logo contains all colours of the rainbow flag
Hello there,

Just a quick post about something new on here. It's not often we publish posts about Freedom Requires Wings itself. In fact, this will be the first one.

For some time now, the video page on this site has been down for maintenance. We have been working hard to bring you the best video experience possible, because we know the importance of video in the LGBT community and beyond.

When I was questioning my sexual orientation and coming to accept it, YouTube was (as it is for many young LGBT teens) a great resource in helping me understand what it really meant to be gay, and in offering me great advice in coming out.

Like many questioning teens, I think I watched nearly every coming out story out there, and these YouTube videos inspired me to start this blog in June 2011. So what's in the new design?
> F
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