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LGBT rights in South America

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This article wants to make a short scenario about LGBT rights in South America. As it's able to find in some others continents of the world, South America has good and bad examples concerning about civil rights; some countries have established positive attitudes, in order to develop and ensure the equality rights for LGBT community, however, some countries has little, or even no changes in their way to ensure rights.

Among the fourteen countries that compose South America’s geographic space LGBT rights could be seeing as: for just one country homosexuality is forbidden by a specific law (Guiana, but only for men, women homosexuality isn’t prohibited). For the other thirteen countries homosexuality is no longer forbidden, but for just one of them civil marriage is allowed, therefore the same civil rights that heterosexual have we’re only able to find in Argentina. 

Some countries allow same sex union they are: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Equator, French Guiana, Falkland Island (UK) and Uruguay. Some others don’t allow or prohibit they’re: Bolivia, Chile, Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. 

Other important topic that we see different ways to treat the LGBT rights can be seen by specific laws created to protect this minority. Among the countries that have specific laws are: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Equator, French Guiana, Falkland Island (UK), and Uruguay. Some others don’t have specific laws or they only need these laws to be accepted by their courts or parliaments; countries such as: Brazil and Argentina. 

As we can see, lgbt rights through South America is very different from one country to another; unfortunately for some countries they actually have no respect for these rights, for other countries now they start to think more, and also change many aspects; on the other hand some countries, like Argentina, are good examples about how lgbt rights should be respected.

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