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Freedom Requires Wings FRW The #1 QUILTBAG opinion blog on the web. We aim to open minds and help the queer community. News, blogs, video, worldwide suicide prevention and more. Worldwide


Who are we and what do we do?

Freedom Requires Wings is one of the web's top sources for LGBTQIA opinion and news. Founded in June 2011, we quickly built our website from nothing through our dedicated team of volunteers who wanted to be a part of creating a platform which would allow everyday LGBTQIA people to express their opinions on subjects of their choice, share their advice, stories and life experiences, report on local, national or international news that receives little-to-no coverage by the mass-media, and calling readers to action in order to help LGBT people around the world who face persecution in countries like Iraq or Uganda by raising funds through crowd-funding to allow larger humanitarian organizations to help people on the ground.

Freedom Requires Wings is also one of the three official media partners of the Harvey Milk Foundation for Harvey Milk Day, and is an official partner of AVEN for asexual awareness week. The blog also works closely with the founder of Qonfide.com, a website to help LGBT teens in their coming out process, soon due for launch.

Who reads our content?

There are over 1,000,000 people who use Freedom Requires Wings. We don't advertise, meaning our readers are mostly organic. And our organic readers are as good for us as it is for you. It means we don't have to go looking for our readers, our readers come looking for us.

Our demographics (last updated on July 31st, 2014. Ask about today)

  • Top 10 countries and number of individual readers (Who are we inspiring?)
    1. United States (635,000 readers)
    2. Canada (82,000 readers)
    3. United Kingdom (73,000 readers)
    4. Australia (30,000 readers)
    5. France (29,000 readers)
    6. Germany (20,000 readers)
    7. Ukraine (10,000 readers)
    8. Netherlands (7,000 readers)
    9. Sweden (7,000 readers)
    10. China (6,000 readers)
  • Sex (Gender not available)
    • Female: 53%
    • Male: 47%
  • Age range (More than ⅔ of our readers are under 35 years of age)
    • 18 - 24 years: 37%
    • 25 - 34 years: 32%
    • 35 - 44 years: 15%
    • 45 - 54 years: 9%
    • 55 - 64 years: 7%
  • Our readers' preferred browsers (They prefer Chrome over Firefox, and are trendy enough to realize IE is from the 90s)
    • Chrome (38%)
    • Firefox (21%)
    • Safari (14%)
    • Mobile (14%)
    • Internet Explorer (7%)
    • Other (6%)
  •  Our readers' operating systems (Twice as many windows than macintoshes? The weather must be good where they are)
    • Windows (55%)
    • Macintosh (14%)
    • iPhone (11%)
    • Android (9%)
    • iPad (3%)
    • Linux (2%)
    • iPod (10,000 readers, < 1%)
    • Other Unix (9,000 readers, < 1%)
    • Blackberry (1,000 readers, < 1%)
    • Windows NT 6.1 (700 readers, < 1%)

Why advertise with Freedom Requires Wings?

Not only does Freedom Requires Wings count over 1,000,000 organic readers around the globe, our site is also increasingly being used in emerging countries where LGBT rights are starting to be demanded. For example, since our beginnings in 2011, our Chinese audience has grown, making it rise from 10th place on the weekly readers chart, to 5th place today. Our Russian and Ukrainian audiences are also growing rapidly.

Advertising with us will not just allow your company to reach out to the LGBT community in the West, but also reach the LGBT community in emerging markets who come to our website in the search for inspiration and new ideas in order to start the LGBT movement in their home country. Our website is part of the forefront in the development of LGBT rights worldwide and works as a sort of think-tank which inspires readers from Eastern Europe to the Far-East, and encourages them to make a change.

We've also grown to become known as a reliable news source for other websites such as Towleroad, SourceFed and Examiner.com.

How to advertise with Freedom Requires Wings

Firstly, we'll have to make sure your company fits in with our beliefs and values. Please contact us and ask for a quote.

Advertising spots are in the following places:
  • A 200x200px Square advert above the fold in the sidebar
  • A 190x600px long "skyscraper" advert, next to the end of all articles and pages on the blog, in the sidebar
  • An advert in the website footer on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, turn-of-the-century Nokias...)
How much coverage that means:
  • Your advert will be visible on our homepage
  • Your advert will be visible on all 500+ articles on our site
  • Your advert will be visible on all 9 of our information pages


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