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Freedom Requires Wings FRW The #1 QUILTBAG opinion blog on the web. We aim to open minds and help the queer community. News, blogs, video, worldwide suicide prevention and more. Worldwide


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Our services and resources

International suicide prevention resources: http://fdrq.ws/LGBTsuicide
The HotMissa Hotline: http://fdrq.ws/TheHotMissaHotline
Anti-bullying Campaign: http://fdrq.ws/STOPbullying
It Gets Better: http://fdrq.ws/FRW-itgetsbetter

LGBT Video: http://fdrq.ws/LGBTvideo
LGBT Artwork: http://fdrq.ws/LGBTartwork
LGBT Poetry: http://fdrq.ws/LGBTpoetry

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